Shalom! If you are a Christian and love to sing songs or sometimes find yourself singing maybe in a normal church service, funeral, wedding or even in the office, then this is meant for you. Most probably you are tired of carrying your many songbooks everywhere you go to where there is a church service. #vSongBook is the only application that will give you the freedom to sing anywhere anytime, if you are currently not enjoying that. We now have the constitution, educational content, the Bible and even the Message of the Hour right on our smartphones, why not the songbooks?

Our app is currently available for Android and Windows PC. We look forward to have it available on iOS and MacOS devices in future. Among the features that you enjoy is having the songs of worship, nyimbo za injili, redemption songs, tenzi za rohoni, kikuyu, kamba, kalanjin, luhya all at your disposal depending in how your choice at the time of installation.




For compliments/complaints!forum/vsongbook