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Reading the Bible on your PC anywhere anytime, offline or online will never be the same again with our mBible app.
Switch between languages, books, chapters like the blink of an eye.
Present the scripture reading like a powerpoint guru!

Why mBible?

Just like our pioneer app vSongBook, mBible is packed with tons of exciting features that improve your user experience quickly the moment you start to use it.

Just like vSongBook, mBible is free too thanks to our generous donors (of which you can be part of), has keyboard shortcuts for almost everything and flexible to your desires which to sum it up makes it user friendly.

Key Features

This application has predefined features and options that you can use for faster deployment and usage.
It is extremely simple and ready to use just after the installation.

Real time searching

Struggling is over with searching because you can do see search results as you type your query.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are available for almost everything on the app. Just hit F2 to learn more on the app

Highly Customizable

With the Settings window you can manipulate settings as you wish or simply use keyboard shortcuts for the same.
Android App
Windows App: v0.0.6

Present like a PowerPoint Guru!

When you want to project simple hit the Present Button and start to see a fullscreen window with slides for each chapter in the currently selected scripture.

The arrow as well as Esc buttons works just like on power point. With 8 Font Types and 15 Themes available to flip through your presentation mode is a notch higher than other alternatives you may have come across!