After our first official release we have been working day and night to see that we improve on a few things that we saw needed improvement in that release. It was not easy to come up with a new update but we are glad its finally here for you and others to find out what we have in store for you.

Some of our new features are like:
  1. Manage your songbooks - When need arises to edit or delete existing songbooks or even add more songbooks to your app you can always do that from the 'Manage Songbooks' option on the menu Under Song menu.
  2. Edit songs - You can now edit a song once you feel like it needs some changes done to it.
  3. Add new songs - After adding a new songbook off course it would be empty and would need to have songs added to it. This is because all songs have to be tagged under a particular songbook.
  4. More Keyboard shortcuts - Quite a number of keyboard shortcuts have been added to the app so that you enjoy using the app smoothly even without the need of a mouse. We shall add a page with proper documentation on this site very soon.

Install vSongBook v2.5.5 today and let us know how you find it.