vSongBook got a new upgrade v2.5.5

After our first official release we have been working day and night to see that we improve on a few things that we saw needed improvement in that release. It was not easy to come up with a new update but we are glad its finally here for you and others to find out what we have in store for you.

Some of our new features are like:
  1. Manage your songbooks - When need arises to edit or delete existing songbooks or even add more songbooks to your app you can always do that from the 'Manage Songbooks' option on the menu Under Song menu.
  2. Edit songs - You can now edit a song once you feel like it needs some changes done to it.
  3. Add new songs - After adding a new songbook off course it would be empty and would need to have songs added to it. This is because all songs have to be tagged under a particular songbook.
  4. More Keyboard shortcuts - Quite a number of keyboard shortcuts have been added to the app so that you enjoy using the app smoothly even without the need of a mouse. We shall add a page with proper documentation on this site very soon.

Install vSongBook v2.5.5 today and let us know how you find it.

Coming to a PC near You: Bible Software

Well when we talk of a Bible software we are not introducing something new from scratch like many would think. This was in our archives for more than a year or so and its now that we are coming out to present it to the public officially and in a more presentable manner through our brand new website.

mBible or Master Bible is the Bible software that we want to bring to you. Some of you already had it in their android smartphone before it was pulled down from Google PlayStore for an unclear reasons

This is a software we intend to have not just English and Swahili but even local dialects that are already in softwcopy

Introducing vSongBook for Windows 2.5.2

Well thanks to the numerous donations that our Android users have been sending to our Paybill Number over the recent months. We are now offering vSongBook for Desktop free of charge courtesy of that and we will be offering more in the coming months over the same as we continue to give you our users the freedom to sing anywhere anytime!


In this version our key features are like:
  1. Real Time Searching - With a real time searching option at the very top you are able to search for all songs that come included in your package of songbooks. Most importantly you get to see the results as you type the words.
  2. All Songbooks in one place - Unlike in other pioneer softwares, this one just lets you access songs in all songbooks at once without having to change the selection or opening another file.
  3. Adjust font size easily - When projecting a song you can simply use Left and Right arrows to adjust the font size to fit your presentation orientation. More features will be added in future
  4. Multi-lingual - This software supports languages like English, Kiswahili, French, Portuguess, Spanish and Chichewa at the moment. Just imagine for your information more are going to be added in future
  5. Compatibility - This software can run comfortably on Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8.0, 8.1 all the way upto the latest build of Windows 10! Don't you find that great!

Check out our new vSongBook (v2.5.2) and install it on your PC today to get the feeling of what we are talking about.