vSongBook for Windows v2.5.2

vSongBook for Windows v2.5.2
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25 November 2019
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vSongBook for Your Windows PC!

Turn your phone into a Virtual songbook with vSongBook App. Most of the songs are sung by the believers in East Africa. Quick Overview of Features are like Share songs, Notepad for saving your own Songs, Favourite songs.

In this Collection we have:

  1. Songs of Worship (750).
  2. Nyimbo za Injili (215).
  3. Redemption Songs (720).
  4. Tenzi za Rohoni (138).
  5. Nyimbo cia Kuinira Ngai (620).
  6. Mbathi sya Kumutaia Ngai (613).
  7. Che Kilosine Jehova (200).
  8. Tsinyimbo Tsya Nyasaye (242).
  9. Nyimbo za Kristo (kristo).
  10. Nyimbo za Wokovu (320).
  11. Believers Songs (200).
  12. Bemba Hymnal (bemba).
  13. Third Exodus Assembly (100).


More songs will added soon if you can provide us with a soft copy of the songs you want included on the app. By the way this app is available on Windows Phone!

For complaints/compliments: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/vsongbook, appsmatake[at]gmail[dot]com

  1. Real Time Searching
    • With a real time searching option at the very top you are able to search for all songs that come included in your package of songbooks. Most importantly you get to see the results as you type the words.
    • No results means your search did not yield anything and therefore you can clear and go back to search afresh again.
    • You can decide to search for songs in one particular songbook that is selected at a particular moment in the dropdown or simply search in all songbooks.
  2. All Songbooks in one place
    • Unlike in other pioneer softwares, this one just lets you access songs in all songbooks at once without having to change the selection or opening another file.
  3. Adjust font size easily
    • When projecting a song you can simply use Left and Right arrows to adjust the font size to fit your presentation orientation. More features will be added in future
  4. Multi-lingual
    • This software supports languages like English, Kiswahili, French, Portuguess, Spanish and Chichewa at the moment. Just imagine for your information more are going to be added in future
  5. Compatibility
    • This software can run comfortably on Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8.0, 8.1 all the way upto the latest build of Windows 10! Don't you find that great!
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